Technical Sales Specialists – Wholesale Trades – NOC 6221 SDG


Number of People Who Work in this Industry


Median Income of People Working in this Occupation


Chance this Occupation Will Be Impacted by Technology in the Next Decade


Participation Rate
Percentage of the number of people currently working in the occupation as compared to the total number of people within the occupation as of the week of
May 1 to May 7 2016


Unemployment Rate
Percentage of people looking for work as compared to the total number of people in the occupation as of the week of May 1 to May 7 2016 when the unemployment rate in SDG was 5.8%


of People Working in this Occupation

29.6% of the workforce has a secondary school diploma.

44.4% of the workforce has a College, CEGEP or non-university certificate or diploma.

Age of the Workforce

in this Occupation

50.0% of the workforce is age 45 to 64.

Sectors that Employ this Occupation

33% of technical sales specialists – wholesale trade work in the Wholesale sector.

29% work in the Manufacturing sector.

Employment Outlook

The employment outlook in our region for 2017-2019 is fair. Employment growth will lead to several new positions. A moderate number of positions will become available due to retirements. There are a moderate number of unemployed workers with recent experience in this occupation. Bilingualism may be an asset.

Projected growth rate in Ontario: 3.1%-4%

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What Else Do I Need to Know?

  • The number of businesses operating in the Manufacturing sector has remained consistent since 2012 while Wholesale Trade has declined slightly.
  • Employment Outlook for Technical Sales Specialists – Wholesale Trade in the Ottawa Economic Region is fair. Employment growth in this field depends upon the level of business and consumer spending which is driven by the overall economic environment. In stronger economic periods, there is often a greater level of expenditure and investment, supporting the demand for these workers. As the Ontario and United States economy strengthen consumer spending is expected to remain stable. Moreover, advancements in technology are leading to more complex products which may increase the need for specialists to work with clients and help companies remain competitive. Some of these positions may be commission-based and geared towards meeting quotas which can cause some workers to pursue different occupations with more stability. Also, since some employers may prefer in-depth product knowledge so mobility between industries can be restricted at times. Self-employment and freelance work opportunities exist for experienced workers who are established and have contacts in specific industries.
  • Specialists with strong product knowledge and formal education may have a more favourable outlook. As workers may be required to travel locally, employers may require a valid driver’s licence. In certain fields, specialists will need to meet with clients abroad therefore knowledge of foreign languages may be an asset. Those with a combination of sales experience or training and solid communication and interpersonal skills will likely have the best job prospects.
  • For more information directly from local employers about this occupation, click on Wholesale & Retail Trade Services Sector.