Food Counter Attendant and Kitchen Helper

NOC#: 65201

Number employed in the occupation:


Gender of people employed in the occupation:

# of Women: 850


# of Men: 315


Age of people working in the occupation:

Age 15 to 29: 965

Age 30 to 54: 400

Age 55 to 64: 195

Age 65 and older: 25

Highest Education level of people working in the occupation:

No certificate, diploma or degree: 400

Secondary school diploma: 485

Apprenticeship or trades certificate: 45

College certificate or diploma: 200

University diploma or degree: 40

Median Incomes of people working in the occupation (2022)

Median income for an entry-level employee: Minimum Wage

Median income for all employees in the occupation: $15.43

Median income for an experienced employee: $20.57

Annual online job postings in 2023 for this occupation:

60 online job postings

Average advertised hourly wage: $18.75/hour

Industries that employ most people working in the occupation:

72 Accommodation and Food Services 795 (68.2%)
62 Health Care and Social Assistance 210 (18.0%)
44-45 Retail 105 (9.0%)

Employment outlook:


  • Employment is expected to remain relatively stable.
  • Not many positions will become available due to retirements.
  • High employee turnover in this occupation could lead to additional employment opportunities.