Cashier – NOC 6611 SDG


Number of People Who Work in this Industry


Median Income of People Working in this Occupation


Chance this Occupation Will Be Impacted by Technology in the Next Decade


Participation Rate
Percentage of the number of people currently working in the occupation as compared to the total number of people within the occupation as of the week of
May 1 to May 7 2016


Unemployment Rate
Percentage of people not currently working as compared to the total number of people in the occupation as of the week of
May 1 to May 7 2016


of People Working in this Occupation

41.8% of the workforce has a secondary school diploma

32.8% of the workforce does not have a secondary school diploma

Age of the Workforce

in this Occupation

54.1% of the workforce is age 15 to 24

Sectors that Employ this Occupation

77% of cashiers are employed in the Retail Trade sector

Employment Outlook

The employment outlook in our region for 2017-2019 is good.  Employment growth will lead to several new positions.  A moderate number of opportunities will be available due to retirements.

High employee turnover could lead to additional employment opportunities.

Projected growth rate in Ontario: 4.1% – 5%

More Information

What Else Do I Need to Know?

  • Cashier is the most second most common occupation in SDG.
  • The number of businesses operating in the retail trade sector has remained consistent since 2012.
  • The industry is comprised primarily of small businesses. 61% of businesses employ four people or less.
  • Employment Outlook for cashiers in the Ottawa Economic Region is good.  Job opportunities are usually available year-round but are better in the peak shopping seasons during the summer and at the end of the calendar year. The seasonal tendency, low skill requirements, and prevalence of part-time work are favourable to many younger workers. The use of ‘self-serve’ checkouts in some of the larger retail outlets, may temper job growth in this occupation.
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment, willingness to work longer hours during peak retail periods and bilingualism is an asset.
  • For more information directly from local employers about this occupation, click on Wholesale & Retail Trade Services Sector.