Authors and Writers – NOC 5121

How many people work in this occupation in PR?                           

70 people work as Authors and Writers in PR.  The unemployment rate is unavailable.


How many employers are there in PR?

53.3% of Authors and Writers are employed in the Professional, Scientific and Technical Services Sector.  There are 679 businesses in this sector.  475 or 70% are owner-operated with no employees.  93.4% of businesses in the sector employer fewer than five people.


What is the age of the workforce?

This occupation will be impacted by an aging workforce.

50.0% of the workforce is age 45 to 54.

64.3% of the workforce is age 25 to 54.


What education is required to do this job?

35.7% of the workforce has a secondary school diploma only.

35.7% of the workforce has a University certificate, diploma or degree.


What do people in this occupation earn?*

The median income for Authors and Writers is $38,446.00 per year.


What else should I know?

  • Employment Outlook for Authors and Writers in the Ottawa Economic Region is fair.
  • Although these professionals were found across numerous industries, more than 70% were employed within three industrial sectors: arts, entertainment and recreation; professional, scientific and technical services; and information and cultural industries. The information and cultural sector is currently under transformation; employment opportunities will most likely stem from the growing digital publishing segment as print media continues to decline.
  • Over 40% of all authors and writers were self-employed. Working part-time or for just part of the year is rather common in this occupation. This field often attracts a large number of candidates yielding a relatively competitive job environment. While many authors and writers possess formal education, creative ability and talent may take precedence in some instances. A comprehensive portfolio of work, which can take several years to build, is often used to gage experience and suitability. Also, being a subject matter expert may give prospective workers an edge when trying to secure employment. In digital media, strong computer skills and the ability to work with various forms of Internet media and digital tools will enhance chances of success in the job market.
  • To learn more from employers, return to the homepage, click on “Professional, Technical and Education”.


* Median income means that 50% of the people in the occupation earn less and 50% earn more.  It is a more accurate measure of typical income than using an average.



Source:  Census and National Household Survey 2011 and Canadian Business Counts Data 2015, Statistics Canada