Architectural Technologists and Technicians – NOC 2251

How many people work in this occupation in PR?                           

65 people work as Architectural Technologists and Technicians in PR.  The unemployment rate is unavailable.


How many employers are there in PR?

Architectural Technologists and Technicians are most often employed in the Professional, Scientific and Technical Services and Construction Sectors.


What is the age of the workforce?

46.2% of the workforce is age 25 to 54.


What education is required to do this job?

100% of the workforce has a College, CEGEP or non-university certificate or diploma.


What do people in this occupation earn?*

The median income for Architectural Technologists and Technicians is $71,435.00 per year.


What else should I know?

  • Employment Outlook for Architectural Technologists and Technicians in the Ottawa Economic Region is fair.
  • One of the biggest factors affecting the outlook of this occupation is public and private investments. With a number of public transport infrastructure projects, development of healthcare and retirement facilities, ongoing condominium construction and several renewable energy projects in the province, job opportunities for architectural technologists and technicians should be steady. Demand is expected to be strongest for individuals who can provide a wider range of services such as, urban design, quality control, experience in conducting feasibility and environmental impact studies. Experience in project management, extensive knowledge of architectural software, such as, Computer Aided Design (CAD), and leadership skills are definite assets for this profession.
  • To learn more from employers, click on “Professional, Technical and Education” and “Construction”.


* Median income means that 50% of the people in the occupation earn less and 50% earn more.  It is a more accurate measure of typical income than using an average.



Source:  Census and National Household Survey 2011 and Canadian Business Counts Data 2015, Statistics Canada